Ordained Hardware

strangeplace luxury

At Ordained Hardware (O_H) we believe that the future of fashion lies in the mentality of living slow in an eternal transformation. While designing, we seek to implement nature's ability to adapt and evolve into the creation process. Our aim is finding new possibilities to recycle old fabrics and other waste material to open up a different understanding of what luxury can be. O_H is an attempt to observe how fashion develops and grows beyond its known territories. Through the collaboration of artists, performers and designers a strange place phenomenon is hatched, called Ordained Hardware. 

Silicone is one of the main components of the products, because of its mouldable, skin-like nature. We came across this material while researching sustainable alternatives for leather. A special technique of upcycling has been developed while working with this material to blend the still fluid substance in numerous ways with the jersey fabric of old t-shirts. This specific molding technique allowed us to imitate leather structures used in Luxury goods like a crocodile handbag. In these objects classical accessory details complement the unique design of molded forms. Unlike other synthetic materials, silicone has no harmful effects on health and does not release any toxic chemicals into the environment. It’s not derived from crude oil, but from the silicon mineral. With the sustainable production technique, we can achieve the same durability and strength that is most of the time only possible with more hazardous components. The waste generated during this production can be completely reused. 

Ordained Hardware is a new brand founded by fashion designer Agnes Varnai. The main goal of the label is to create growth by relying on local collaborations and sustainable production techniques. The brand is standing on the cross section of art and design. It is the raw intimacy of a freshly grown spike, the strange place luxury of an alternate future that serves the needs of today's humans.

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